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Surya Vinayak School

Surya Vinayak School, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

De coördinator van het ORP (Out Reach Programme) en HVP (Home Visit Programme) van de
Selfhelp Group for Cerebral Palsy, Mr. Suresh Kafle, is tevens manager van de ‘Surya Vinayak’
English School in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Zijn vrouw is hoofd van deze school en hun dochtertje is
leerling op de school. Er zijn 280 leerlingen en 20 leerkrachten en stafmedewerkers.

Onderstaand treft u zijn verhaal en zijn verzoek aan. Ik wil deze school graag bij u aanbevelen
om een leerling te sponsoren. Wij zijn er op bezoek geweest en het verdient alle respect en
waardering. Sponsoren kan al vanaf een bedrag van € 30,00 per schooljaar per kind.
U kunt het sponsorgeld aan onze stichting overmaken o.v.v. Surya en wij zorgen er voor dat
het geld op de goede plek komt en dat u een betalingsbewijs ontvangt. Tevens ontvangt u
aan het eind van het schooljaar een rapportage over de voortgang en de resultaten van de
leerling. Zij zullen u dankbaar zijn!


‘Surya Vinayak English School’ is located in Shrijana Nagar, Bhaktapur-17. Since 1999, my wife
Bina and I have been managing this school. We started with 19 students and 5 teachers and
staffs and running only kindergarten. Gradually, we added a class each year and now the school
is running up to grade eight with 280 students and 20 teachers and staffs. The team is young,
energetic and enthusiastic with a co-operative spirit and strong commitment to teach and learn
in a school which is social service oriented and very less expensive than other schools.

Personal Motivation:

The inspiration I got to open this school is that I had very bitter experiences of my childhood in
the school life. I even didn’t have all books and copies due to financial status of my family. The
experiences in my life were the times when I was not allowed to sit the exams, due to not clearing
my school fees. I never forget my emotional feelings of that time.

As well as managing the Surya Vinayak School, I am working as a semi-technical person with a
managerial post in the SGCP (Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy). I am responsible for and
coordinate out reach workers in 15 different districts including the Kathmandu valley. So mostly
I am working in these districts with such children and their families. I am trying always to
mainstream such children into normal schools and I have succeeded to some extent.

I really get satisfaction doing such work for children with disabilities and involving myself in social
challenges of such families and communities.

Because of this experience, my dream is to make my school as a model school for inclusive education.
My school is open for all as I want to involve the children with disability also. I want to make this school
as a model school in this society and want to dedicate my whole life for the welfare of needy and
economically backward people.

Profile of children and families in the school:

As mentioned above, this school is 12 km from Kathmandu where most of the people are local farmers
and low-income labourers in carpet and other factories. As well, there are lower caste people as well
as those who have migrated from other districts due to the present political situation of Nepal. These
people cannot afford to send their children to school. Our school aims to involve such students, who
really can’t go to school.

We are trying to educate these needy children by providing full or partial scholarship according to their
economical conditions. But we also have limited financial resources as we charge very reasonable fees.

From the fees, we have to manage salaries (our teachers get less than government school teachers),
rent, necessary educational materials as well as basic physical requirements of our school. So, we
are trying but not able to cover all such children in our area even though we want to involve them
as much as possible. At the moment 72 of our 280 students get full or partial scholarships to study
with us.  Among them one child gets partial sponsorship from Co and Corrie from Holland. Others
are covered by school. The school has no any financial support from Government and any other
organizations .So the school have to manage every thing from the fee. The fee structure of the
school is very low and the school is recognized as school for all, so the parents who really can’t
pay, all of them wants to admit there child in this school.
So, the school is in confusion what should be the strategy for next year???????
In this situation the school is trying to manage (find) sponsors for some of the children for their
fee and stationeries.

Fee structure of the school:

We have a strong commitment that our school should provide education for all, especially who
are economically and socially backward. It is for that reason we have very low fee structure.
The fee structure is given below.


Annual Charge

Monthly fee




235×12 = 2820




265×12 = 3180




280×12 = 3360




295×12 = 3540




315×12 = 3780




345×12 = 4140




380×12 = 4560




405×12 = 4860




420×12 = 5040




460×12 = 5520




495 ×12= 5940



Though we have 20 experienced and dedicated teachers and staffs, academically qualified according
to rules of Nepalese Government, none have formal teacher training. We tried many times but we
couldn’t because of financial problems. If we get training, definitely we can improve the academic
and social environment of the school. At the moment, we are only able to pay them half of what
Govt primary school teachers are paid because of the low financial status of the school.

Voor vragen en informatie kunt u Suresh Kafle mailen:

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